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Mpileng Group was specifically established to address the uncertainty the businesses has to be BBBEE compliant. Our qualified team of specialists make it their mission to find solutions to the challenges employers of all sizes and across all industries in South Africa faces everyday.

About Us

Mpileng Group(Pty)ltd is a broad based black empowerment consultancy company, which assists the corporate sector with aspects of B-BBEE legislation.The group was established to address the uncertainties businesses encounter and to give clarification with regards to legislation. We take pride in facilitating uniquely tailored solutions to all our clients. Our qualified team of specialists make it their mission to find solutions to challenges employers of all sizes across all industries in south Africa faces on a daily basis.

The founder and CEO of Mpileng Group (Pty) ltd, Mr Donald Khulong is highly equipped with extensive knowledge of The B-BBEE legislation for all the sectors. Our CEO is complimented by more than 10 years experience in the industry, He worked for a number of companies where he was involved in consulting and verification analysis.


- Our mission is to ensure confluence exists between ourselves and our clients, while providing excellent tailor made services.


- Our vision is to be the leading 100% black owned company providing compliance solutions in the south African hemisphere.


- Integrity
- Team work
- Accountability
- Reliability
- Service excellence

Our Services

B-BBEE Services

- Establishment of company s current structure, positioning & the desired goals (Gap analysis).

- Once we complete with the analys, we start with tailored solution specifically for your company( B-BBEE plan)

- We help implement and monitor the plan.( implementation and monitoring )

- We assist with B-BBEE verification with a verification agency of your choice( verification)

Acreditded Short Courses and Learnerships

- Facilitating of the leanership program.

- We sourse host employers if you cant host learners.

- Sourcing of learners and screenings

- We have accredited short courses ( Mandatory & Discretionary)

Skills Development and  Training

 - We act as a skills development facilitator for your business
- SETA registration & inter SETA transfer
- Grant incentives
- WSP,ATR & Pivotal plans submission

Employment Equity

- We submit employment equity plans and reports

Our Clients