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B-BBEE & Employment Equity Specialists

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We share a common purpose with our clients and provide seamless services that enable their businesses to transform. From enhancing of skills and equity strategies, to building of compliance systems. We are there, serving you.

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Employment Equity

Assisting companies to achieve equity in the workplace by promoting equal opportunity and fair treatment.


Do you need a professional partner to take care of your your Annual WSP, ATR and training aligned to your BEE objectives?

Accredited Courses and Learnerships

We provide businesses with a more productive workforce by delivering practical training learnerships that up-skill employees..

Skills Development and Training

Developing and facilitating skills development programmes for your business.

Greatness Is Determined By Service
Our fundamental beliefs & values enhance decision-making processes.

We co-ordinate our experiences to work as a team to provide high value-added services and contribute to enhancing the enterprise value of our clients.